• Rebel Series Thermostat

    Rebel Series Digital Thermostat by Nexus USA

  • Water Heating Element

    Universal Water Heating Elements for use with RT type or Rebel Digital Thermostats

  • Type R-T Thermo

    RT Thermostat for use with Immersion Water Heating Elements


<center>DG17 Digital Thermostats</center>

DG17 Digital Thermostats

Nexus USA has developed first of its kind electronic thermostats ever put into residential...
<center>RT Type Thermostats</center>

RT Type Thermostats

Nexus USA has perfected the standard RT type thermostat for residential water heater use....
<center>OEM Water Pumps</center>

OEM Water Pumps

Nexus USA uses only the most durable raw materials in all its water pump...